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Too Many Turnovers – administrative changes in WBSD

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Student reporter Maggie Kieser has taken on a challenging story in the latest edition of The West Bend Current.

Kieser writes about how the “class of 2017 has witnessed a high rate of administrative change” as another administrator has announced a decision to leave the district at the end of the school year.

A portion of Kieser’s article is below.


East junior Taylor Kintopf has felt the effects of the changes around the school. “I feel the frequent changing of principals has made the school kind of hectic,” Kintopf said. “It makes things stressful when they keep changing the rules and adding new requirements. It gets confusing trying to keep up with what we can and cannot do anymore.”

West junior Kara Conley noted how her perception of school has changed as a result of the principal changes. “The constant change of principals has left me unknowing what to expect for the coming school year. I feel as though because our administration lacks stability, so does our school,” Conley said.

The head principal is commonly seen as the “face” of a school, but since the announcement of Greymont becoming head principal came so late last year, many students noted they had no idea what Greymont looked like, or who he was. Kintopf says that this undermined the relationship that students and parents normally have with the principal.

“I didn’t even know what [Greymont] looked like. I could recognize Mr. Curler anywhere, and he was very involved. This allowed for a much stronger relationship between students and parents with the administrators. I guess I don’t even really know who our administrators are,” Kintopf said.


Find the rest of Kieser’s story by clicking here at The West Bend Current.

(Top image: Principal Bill Greymont works at his desk on Thursday morning. Photograph by Maggie Kieser, Current Staff.)

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