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Two rescued after boat capsizes on Lake 5

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Washington County Sheriff

16-25462  Boat capsized  on Lake 5

The Sheriff’s Office responded to Lake 5 in the Village of Richfield on 7/14/16 at 9:48 am for a report of 2 men tipped over in a boat screaming for help.  One of the callers responded to the area with a pontoon boat and was able to get one of the individuals into the caller’s boat before first responders arrived. Upon the deputy’s arrival, he observed a small upside down row boat and the second male hanging onto the boat out about 150 yards from shore.   The caller was able to get the second male into the pontoon boat as first responders were getting a second rescue boat secured.  Both were scared, tired, but indicated uninjured. Both were wearing personal flotation devices.  Deputies were able to retrieve the capsized boat with most of the gear to shore.

16-25737  – Emotionally Disturbed Person Investigation

 On July 16, 2016 at 8:30 a.m. a Washington County Sheriff’s deputy was dispatched to the 1600 block of Terry Road in the Town of Erin regarding a female that was seen standing in a wheat field since 7 a.m. in the morning.  Initial reports indicated she was seen standing up and down and may have been trying to hide. When approached by a uniformed deputy, she had a knife and asked him if he was “Army”. She surrendered the knife without incident and was taken into protective custody.  She was then taken to a medical facility for medical clearance.  After medically cleared she was transported to a mental health to address her emotional issues. Subsequent investigation revealed she was likely in the field since 12:30 a.m. that morning.

16-25597    Recklessly Endanger Safety and Disorderly Conduct while armed

On July 15, 2016 at 11:14 a.m. deputies were dispatched to the a residence in the 7500 block of Hickory Dr. in the Town of Farmington for a report of a female who pointed a shotgun at the caller and then fired the weapon into the air. The caller, a 40-year-old Village of Jackson man, was at the residence at the request of the homeowner to fix some weather stripping on the garage door.  The female, who is residing with the homeowner, became involved in a verbal altercation with the victim about the work to be done and then went back into the residence after telling the worker to leave.   When she heard hammering on the garage, she decided to arm herself with a .410 ga. shotgun and confront him again. She then chose to open the overhead door where the event escalated to the point of yelling and cursing between the two. That that point, she pointed the gun at the worker and then fired into the air. This prompted the male to retrieve his pistol and aim it at the female’s chest and head illuminated with the laser on the pistol.  The male is a valid CCW holder and told the dispatchers while he was on the phone prior to arrival of the deputies. The 68-year-old female was arrested and brought to jail.

16-25558 Intoxicated Driver – County H and County W

Deputy on routine patrol on 7/15/16 at 1:25am observed a car driving down the wrong side of the road west bound on Cty H.  The operator blew the stop sign at the intersection of Cty W  in the presence of the deputy.  The deputy attempted to stop the vehicle for 1.7 miles as vehicle was traveling on both sides of the roadway.  The vehicle eventually stopped on Mohawk just east of Midland Dr. The driver, a 41-year-old Town of Wayne man, was arrested for 3rd offense OWI and operating after revocation.   The subject refused to submit to a blood test and a search warrant was subsequently obtained. The car had minor damage on it and the driver looked as if he had been laying down in a field somewhere.  No accident scene was located.

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