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UPDATE: Man in custody following attempted homicide of West Bend Police Officer

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On Sunday, October 16, 2016 at 3:23 A.M. a citizen called West Bend Police Department to report the sound of at least six gun shots in the 200 block of Edgewood Lane.


Officers responded to the area and searched for evidence of shots fired and for possible suspect(s). At approximately 4:20 a.m. two officers observed a man standing in the yard at 228 Edgewood Lane. The man pointed a handgun in the direction of the officers and pulled the trigger.


The gun apparently misfired and the officers were able to retreat to a position of cover. The officers were able to identify the 24 year old male subject from previous encounters with the officers. At 4:22 A.M. and 4:29 A.M. officers heard shots fired from the area of 228 Edgewood Lane. At 4:47 A.M. officers heard two additional shots fired from the yard or house at 228 Edgewood Lane.
West Bend Police Officers and Washington County Sheriff Deputies secured the area and attempted to make contact with the residents at 228 Edgewood Lane. Officers were able to make contact with one subject.


At 6:19 A.M. two males, both 28 years of age exited the home. These two individuals stated the suspect that fired the shots was still in the house with one other adult male. At 7:48 A.M. a 24 year old male exited the home. This male stated the suspect was still in the house.


At 8:05 A.M. the 24 year old suspect exited the home. West Bend Police Officers and Washington County Sheriff Deputies took the suspect into custody.

He is being held at the Washington County Jail on two counts of Attempt Homicide, and Intoxicated Use of Firearms.


Officers recovered a 45 caliber handgun and a two 12 gauge shotguns at the scene. In addition several spent casings from the handgun and 12 gauge shotgun shells were recovered at the scene.
There were no injuries to any officers or citizens during this confrontation.
During this incident traffic was diverted from the area and a number of streets were closed. As a result a 5K Run sponsored by the West Bend Downtown Association had to be diverted to a new route.


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