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Update on Cooper’s Hawk found by Warrior Hikers

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On Thursday WCI.com brought you the story about the injured Cooper’s Hawk found on the Ridge Run Park segment of the Ice Age Trail by Warrior Hikers, Miles Vining and Michael Maziarka.

The pair rescued the floundering hawk, called authorities and turned the bird over to Marty Thompson with Wanakia Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center in Richfield.

The latest on the hawk is that it was dehydrated and underweight. It’s a young male and the caretakers at the Wildlife Rehab are going to X-Ray the bird to see about the wing damage.

Vining said he looked up some facts about Cooper’s Hawks and found quite a few get injured because of their risky hunting style where they fly quickly through dense vegetation.

The Warrior Hikers are trekking the entire 1,200 miles of the Ice Age Trail in Wisconsin. They entered Washington County on Thursday and are taking a rest day today and meeting with local veterans groups. The two will hit the trail again Sunday and complete their journey next month in Sturgeon Bay.

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