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VIDEO | 700 Quaking Aspen trees are set for planting in MOWA’s front yard

May 23, 2018 – West Bend, WI – It’s as if a mini nursery set up shop in the driveway of the Museum of Wisconsin Art in West Bend, that’s as 700 Quaking Aspen trees are prepped for planting.

Dwain Bartel is crew leader with David J. Frank Landscape in Germantown.

“The trees weigh up to 300 pounds and we’ll be planting them along the walkway and the north side of the building,” said Bartel. “This is going to take us quite a few months to plant all of them.”

Bartel said the trees came in from Oregon and other places around the state.

“The color of the leaf is yellow and those will shimmer in the wind, especially in the fall,” he said.

The current grove of trees line the south end of the parking lot. The root balls are covered in woodchips to help retain the moisture.

There are two acres of vacant land just south of MOWA on Veterans Avenue. Plans are to add mature trees and flower beds and have a paved walkway that flows gracefully from the bridges over the Milwaukee River through the park and to the museum or the Eisenbahn State Trail.

Some of the plants on Veterans Avenue and Water Street include white oak, flowering pear, sugar maple (the state tree), hydrangea beds and an Aspen grove.

The stellar moment will be at the point of the building would be a field of white hydrangea with a line of Quaking Aspen trees.

The field would bloom July 1 to September.

MOWA will be the care taker of the cultural campus.

Click HERE to see more of the plans.

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