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VIDEO: Freddy “The Fish” is back in court on Feb. 18. Click here to watch a preview and order your tickets today!

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Feb. 10, 2017 – West Bend, WI – Chicago want-to-be-famous gangster, Freddy ‘the fish” and his gang are up to their old tricks again causing havoc in the normally quiet Washington County.  

At his last trial (through bribes and charm) he was surprisingly found NOT-GUILTY by the jurors, but when his girlfriend was about to reveal a secret, she choked on a cheese curd and died.

 The infuriated Judge Bucklin sent Freddy back to jail to await another trial.  However, Freddy was able to escape while being taken to Chicago for a trial. In a disguise, he was able to return to Washington County without anyone noticing!  

Everyone participates in this fun and interactive Courtroom Mystery Dinner. Dinner will be a buffet of several light meal choices and Cash bar for Beer, Wine, and Malt Beverages.  Period dress is encouraged! 

All proceeds benefit the History Center of Washington County.  

We are offering a special gift offer for Valentines Day, or any special day, Freddy will send a personal letter to the recipient and tell them (in a way they can’t refuse) he needs them to appear at the trial on February 18 at 5 p.m. to defend him and his gang.  When ordering, choose the number of GIFT TICKETS needed and we will contact you regarding the recipient’s information.   Click HERE to order tickets.


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