VIDEO | Junior Achievement’s “Jump into your Future” at Decorah Elementary opens door to career opportunity

Dec. 15, 2018 – West Bend,WI – “I’m going to have you guys march in place,” said Army Sergeant Anna Stephens.

It was the first session of “Jump into your Future” held Friday morning, Dec. 14, at Decorah Elementary School in West Bend.

Decorah Elementary Army

Stephens, dressed in her crisp dark blue military uniform, stood at the front of the class.  The students stood rigid and ready for cadence.

“They say that in the Army the chow is mighty fine,” sang Stephens. The children repeated the call and it was onto the next verse.

“A chicken jumped off the table and started marching time.”

The Army session was one of more than a dozen segments students participated in during the day organized by Junior Achievement.

“Jump into your Future” exposes career opportunities to students.,” said Decorah Elementary principal Adrienne Schneider. “Every year the florist comes from Consider the Lilies, the librarian is here and we also have a personal trainer and someone from the military. Some are parents, some are community members and some are contacts through Junior Achievement.”

Students from kindergarten through fourth grade participate in the day-long program. “At this age they’re not choosing their career but it gives them a better understanding of what a title means for a position,” Schneider said.

Down the hall there was more hands-on activity as Jeremiah Sabha and his team from Alliance Services demonstrated EMT services.


“I’m going to use this mask to help push oxygen into the patient’s lungs,” said Sabha.

Students watched closely as the chest rose briefly. “You’ve gotta watch quck,” said Sabha.  “Who wants to try?”

Every little hand shot into the air.  Practicing chest compressions for CPR were next.

Chest compressions at Decorah ElementaryAlliance Services CPR

Some of the other career professionals included a very popular farmer who had her hands quite full as a student led the discussion on udders, cows and bulls.


Junior Achievement, Decorah Elementary










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