VIDEO | Rick Parks admonishes West Bend School Board

July 24, 2017 – West Bend, WI – During Monday night’s West Bend School Board meeting several people spoke during the public presentation portion.

Mike and Amy Kieser, were in favor of returning two principals to the West Bend High Schools. “Taking more time to study a structure that was at the high school or over 40 years, I believe, is a waste of time and money,” said Amy Kieser.

Others, including former school board member Rick Parks, questioned the process… or lack thereof.

Parks expressed a number of concerns regarding the process leading up to the decision to appoint two high school principals. He questioned the speed with which the decision was made, the lack of review and leaving the superintendent out of the process.

His full script is posted below.


Jennifer Rausch with the West Bend School District, suggested the board not rush to a decision.

After about 20 minutes of public input the West Bend School Board appointed Ralph Schlass and Darci VanAdestine as principals of the West Bend High Schools.

The candidates were unsure which school they would lead; VanAdestine thought she might be head of West Bend East High School. No distinction was made during that portion of the meeting.

West Bend has two high schools including West Bend East and West Bend West.

“This seemed to be a done deal,” said Rick Parks after the meeting. “If the school board selects principals, they’re responsible for their performance.”

Questioned about the school board’s lack of inclusion of the superintendent in the process Parks indicated they are setting him up to fail. “Absolutely,” he said. “Picking the individuals to fill roles and report to someone… that’s unheard of.”

West Bend School Board member Monte Schmiege questioned the process of a committee meeting.”I certainly do not agree with the process; not at all. The board has moved hastily and even the selecting of candidates by process… is shady because it was not opened up to all that might apply,” he said.

Watch for a video update from School Board President Tiffany Larson as she detailed the process the board went through.

An email has been sent to School Board President Tiffany Larson for comment.


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