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VIDEO | Tom Schwai takes us shopping inside the new Fleet Farm

December 31,  2019 – West Bend, WI – Reviewing the top story and video of 2019 and it was the tour of the new Fleet Farm, 3815 W. Washington Street, by the ever-popular Tom Schwai.

Tommy managed to sneak in the new store early and have a look around. Check out what he found!



Fleet Farm has been part of the West Bend community for nearly 60 years, but the former store location wasn’t big enough for our loyal local customers. So Fleet Farm chose to triple the size of the original West Bend store and open a new location just two miles from the former store.

This move meant hiring 150 new team members and bringing a greatly expanded breadth and depth of products and services to the store.  It means 4x more pet selection, 3x more sporting goods, and a new Auto Service Center, Power Center Shop and Grill Shop. Fleet Farm is excited to bring West Bend customers the store they’ve been waiting for.

Fleet Farm


Vintage Fleet Farm

Vintage Fleet Farm


Vintage Fleet Farm


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