VIDEO | Touring the Merchandise Tent at the U.S. Open

June 8, 2017 – Town of Erin, WI – The Merchandise Tent opened today to the general public at the U.S. Open and we got permission to take a video tour. It’s like you left a golf course and walked into the mall. The floor/grass is carpeted, there’s air conditioning, and the merch is phenomenal.

Everything, including the staff, is tagged with the logo U.S. Open Town of Erin. I like how I confused a golf bag tag with a bottle opener. #onetrackmind.

Another unexpected highlight was running into my former coworker Bill Michaels from The Bill Michaels Show. He offered an insider look at the entire Erin Hills setup complete with bringing in restaurants and contracting with local merchants.  Watch the video and listen to his analysis comparing the U.S. Open to other national events he’s attended.

A couple side notes:

-Take a look at the stamped concrete in the walkway – it looks fantastic and it’s all going to be torn up once the Open is over.

-If you’re on your motorcycle don’t try to tackle the gravel driveway to grass parking. The gravel already is opening up to be ruts of sand and you’ll dump it. See if you can park in one of the neighbor’s lots across the road and have them shuttle you in on a golf cart.

-Click HERE for a thorough list of what you can and can’t bring into the Open.  PS – you will be scanned upon entry and only EMPTY water bottles allowed to carry in. I will post an update shortly on some of the food and beverage prices.



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