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Village of Jackson Wupdate by John Walther

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Police Department

This week was steady and routine except for the drunken egg thrower pelting the wrong car during a traffic stop late Wednesday evening, across the street from the police station. He would probably want his name mentioned, but because he had such a bad aim, we won’t mention it.

Fire Department

The six hazmat technicians will be completing their refresher training within the week in Hartford or Beaver Dam.
Three A-EMTs attended their required refresher class last weekend in Hartford.

Two members took an ice rescue technician class at the Hustisford Fire Department. The class was free due to several sponsorships.

Monday evening’s EMS training focused on OB emergencies. Dr. Roxanna Aldstadt served as the guest speaker for the evening.

Joint Parks and Recreation

Our Copper Tree Yoga program has really spiked to 20 participants (we typically have around six). The fitness floor in the Early Childhood Area has really been great for this program, thanks to Jackson Family Dentistry.

Fitness Techs was at the JACC Friday to inspect, clean, and oil the fitness equipment. We will be replacing one treadmill belt. Otherwise everything is working great.

Kelly met with Gordon Goggins on Tuesday to finalize the Beer Garden. We will be running it together as a joint effort from Thursday, June 16 through Saturday, June 25. Watch for more information.

The 4k Site Director’s meeting was held at the JACC on Wednesday. We are excited to announce that the morning session at the Community Center is already full and we have 13 registered in the afternoon class. The maximum is 20. Kelly will begin the process of hiring a teacher in March.

Thursday Kelly and Jess attended the CVMIC Park & Recreation Roundtable. One of the topics gave a preview on how the new FLSA laws are going to have a significant impact on our department.

Thanks to Tom at the Street Department for creating our “No Parking” signs for the JACC. Hopefully we will be able to get this problem under control.

Kelly, Jess, and Renee will be working on the Spring/Summer Guide layout Friday afternoon.

Irish Family Dinner – Wednesday is the last day to purchase tickets for the dinner. People are welcome to come for the entertainment, but a ticket is required for the dinner.

Easter Egg Hunt – Volunteers are needed for stuffing on Wednesday, March 16th at 6:30 p.m. and also for the hunt on Saturday, March 19 from 8 a.m. – 10 a.m. Thanks to the Jackson Pet Hospital and the Deal Zone for continuing to sponsor this event!

Building Inspection

Jim’s inspection truck was in for service this week for new spark plugs, plug wires, and a replacement catalytic converter.

Premier Cranberry Creek Estates, LLC has applied for the third 12-family building permit.

Public Works

The Jackson Water Utility is continuing working on meter changeouts, Digger’s Hotline locates, and radio installations. There were only 26 Digger’s Hotline locates for the month of February averaging one per day. The well pumps received maintenance this week along with the generator at Well #5 which needs a voltage regulator replaced.

The Street & Parks Department conducted vehicle and building maintenance, and replaced broken trash containers. No parking signs were made for the Community Center, and tree trimming is being done on Hunters Road, Willow Ridge Drive, and Chateau Drive.

At the WWTP, televising of the sanitary sewer laterals continues during the meter changeout process. The laterals and meters in Twin Creeks Subdivision are being done. Work orders are being completed. The WWTP Supervisor, Utility Superintendent, and Director of Public Works attended the 2016 Government Affairs Seminar this week with topics including Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL), Watershed Adaptive Management, and Water Quality Trading.
The carpeting and painting project has been completed for the Building and Inspection offices. Reorganization of the files and finding everything that was moved is continuing.


Callers will notice that the Village Hall Auto Answer Phone System is in place. This will allow callers to choose their extension. As always, the front desk may be reached by dialing zero.


The Public Works Director and Administrator met this week with the County, EDWC, and Stantec regarding the Draft Scope of Services for the Village of Jackson Community Brownfield Redevelopment Strategy.

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