Walking for a Cure for Diabetes in West Bend

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The weather was pleasant and there was a growing turnout for the annual Walk for a Cure for Diabetes held Saturday at Ridge Run Park in West Bend.


Luke Nichols, 8, is a 3rd grader at St. John’s School in West Bend. “I walked because I want to stop diabetes,” he said.

Nichols has Type 1 diabetes. “I have to take shots every day and I hope someday they find a cure.”


For the past three year Dave Reed has been organizing the walk. “We raised almost $1,300 this year and last year we raised $800,” said Reed. “This is a real grassroots effort and the people who are involved are normally touched by diabetes.”



There were nearly 80 people who participated this year. Reed said he tried to invite various groups including Casa Guadalupe, the Boy Scouts and Thrivent Financial.


Sam Dorth, 14, is a 9th grader at Living Word Lutheran High School. He too has been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes.


“It’s when your pancreas shuts down and you don’t produce insulin anymore,” he said.


Diagnosed before he was 2 years old, Dorth said it’s become habit to prick his finger and check his blood sugar before each meal.


“I can lead a normal life,” said Dorth. “I’ll probably have to do this the rest of my life but I’m hoping the new technology makes it easier.”


Reed said he is feeling the momentum growing behind the event.



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