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WBPD Dispatcher Kasie Miller – Life Saving Award

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During Peace Officer recognition week the West Bend common council praised members of the WBPD.


On January 25, 2016, West Bend PD Dispatcher Kasie Miller received a 9-1-1 call from UWWC regarding a student who had passed out in an instructor’s office, was not breathing, and did not have a pulse.


Dispatcher Miller provided CPR instructions in a clear and calm voice to guide the instructor through the proper application of CPR.


Dispatcher Miller recognized the patient was slumped in a chair, making the chest compressions ineffective.


Dispatcher Miller directed the instructor to move the patient to the floor and continued to provide calm guidance to the citizens rendering aid.


The FD arrived and were able to re-establish a pulse after multiple shocks from the defibrillator. The subject was hospitalized and later made a full recovery.

FullSizeRender-121                                                                    Cherie Hart saved the life of Jerry Williams

FD personnel stated it was Miller’s direction to move the patient to the ground which allowed the compressions to be effective at maintaining life until the patient could be revived.


Dispatcher Miller’s calm and professional direction to the citizens allowed the CPR to be effective in maintaining life functions until proper medical attention was available.


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