$100,000 winner in West Bend!!



    The message online is pretty clear: “$100,000 Holly Jolly Raffle winning ticket sold in West Bend! Ticket number 022868.”

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    A manager at Pick n’ Save south confirmed they sold a winning ticket but the winner has yet to step forward.

    The grand prize is $100,000. The winning ticket was drawn Friday, Dec. 10.

    The game works as follows:

    • If the 6-digit number exactly matches one of the winning numbers drawn, in exact order, the ticket wins the corresponding prize.
    • Winning numbers will be found on the Lottery’s website, wilottery.com, and at Lottery retailers.

    Odds of winning the $100,000 prize are 1 in 100,000.

    Details on the raffle via the Wisconsin Lottery, “The Holly Jolly Raffle went on sale November 1, 2015, with a drawing to be held on December 10, 2015. Each ticket costs $5. A total of 100,000 tickets are available, and there will be one top prize winner of $100,000. There will also be 50 winners of $1,000, and 1,000 winners of $100 in the game. Winning tickets for the Holly Jolly Raffle will be able to be redeemed starting December 11, 2015.

    Stay tuned!

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