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A love story in Barton

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There’s a unique love story going on in Barton that features a couple from the 1940s who have been hired at a pair of neighboring businesses on Barton Avenue.

Hank, a veteran of WWII, has returned from service and picked up a job at Wisconsin House Woodworks as a cabinet maker.

Essie has grown up in Barton with its small mom-and-pop shops, grottos and the peal of the church bell at St. Mary’s Parish. Essie got a job out of high school working at Over The Moon as a sales clerk and window dresser.

Essie and Hank meet daily on their walk to work.

Hank mentions to his boss Jeff that he’s been carrying a torch for Essie for quite a while.

“What in tarnation, don’t be a dummy, go ask her out,” said Jeff.

Hank works up the courage to ask Essie on a date for Valentine’s Day.

We have a call out to Sandy’s Diner in Barton to get the scoop.


Stay tuned!

– – Build, Boost, and Buy in Barton – – 
Over The Moon, 1720 Barton Avenue
– Wisconsin House Woodworks, 1720 Barton Avenue

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