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A note of thanks from Jake Gehring

May 13, 2021 – Washington Co., WI – I would like to personally thank everyone involved in this CTH W extension project. Thank you to everyone who has voiced an opinion on this matter and stood up for what they thought was right as well as most sensible.

Gehring farm

The decision made last night to separate Hwy S improvements from the CTH W extension shows a majority of the Board is willing to listen and work with us, thank you. They have shown they respect farmland and want to improve safety as well.

I would also like to thank Josh Schoemann for taking the time to come out and meet with us on the issue. He met with us Tuesday afternoon and discussed the project. We expressed our concerns to him and we feel he made our concerns clear to all involved. Please continue to listen to farmers and support our rural community as well those that live here with us.

My family has been farming here since 1856. I am the 6th generation and my daughter along with the child my wife and I are expecting next month are the 7th generation to be blessed with the care of this land. As one supervisor stated, “So all this emotion about losing farms, I don’t buy it” couldn’t be further from the truth.

Farmers pride themselves in what we do. We care for the land as we do our children. Without both, life does not continue. Once again thank you for all of the support and as every good neighbor does, we will lend a hand when you are in need of help.

Your neighbor,

Jake Gehring

Owner Gehring’s Stone House Dairy

Murphy & Prachthauser

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