A special night for Preston at the Washington County Fair

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August 2, 2017 – Town of Polk, WI – A special event went unnoticed to many during last week’s Washington County Fair. During the Thursday night appearance with country singer Scotty McCreery, former Fair Park Board President Peter Rettler made accommodations for a 16-year-old boy to have an up-close view of his favorite performer during the song “Five more Minutes.”

Preston attended the concert with his sister and parents.
It was his sister and best friend Julianne, 18, who saved up for the tickets and surprised her brother. Rettler made the experience that much more memorable.
Below is a note from Julianne about how the evening came about.
On our way home from spring break in March, we stopped at a Cracker Barrel for dinner. In the gift shop, Preston found Scotty’s new CD, “Seasons Change.” He wanted it so bad, but we were unable to provide to him at that time. Except we did! We got him the CD and surprised him with that in the car. During the ride home, I started to see if Scotty had any tours going on, and he did; right here in Wisconsin!
We kept the conversation quiet to avoid Preston from finding out. I thought it would be an awesome surprise for Preston’s first concert. (To answer your question on how I got money to pay for the tickets: I had some money saved up from working two jobs the previous summer.)
I was able to get seats for the concert, and thought it would be awesome to also try to buy meet and greet passes, which I did from Scotty’s website. (That whole process was very easy. I made some phone calls and everyone had answers and were very friendly!) Since Preston and I both share a large amount of enjoyment for Scotty’s music, I thought it would be an awesome experience for the two of us.
It was difficult to keep it a secret, since we listen to Scotty McCreery everyday in the car. I wanted to tell him so bad, but I knew he wouldn’t stop talking about it!
I also wanted to see his face when we got to see Scotty in person, since he didn’t really know that we were actually going to meet Scotty McCreery!
The moment was priceless seeing Preston enjoy meeting someone he respects and looks up to. The whole night was a surreal experience, like we were living in a dream. He was dancing the whole time, and singing his heart out to every song.



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