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Adoration chapel to open June 5, 2022 at St. Frances Cabrini | By Rev. Nathan Reesman

West Bend, WI – Reverend Nathan Reesman from St. Frances Cabrini recently shared a special announcement regarding the Adoration Chapel.

Praised be Jesus Christ! I wanted to offer a brief update on the new adoration chapel for West Bend, including the happy news that at last the chapel will be opening this coming Sunday, June 5, the Solemn Feast of Pentecost.

cross Jesus

We first talked of relocating Mary Queen of Angels Adoration Chapel from its longtime location at Holy Angels Parish back in August of 2021.

We began demolition work on all the existing Saint Frances Cabrini sacristies to accommodate a new chapel on October 4. We conducted a very successful hours signup drive for adorers in January and February at our area parishes. We have been praying and waiting to use the new space for many months now as the construction and materials delays that impact everyone these days slowed our progress as well.

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I am so happy that we have finally arrived at an opening date, and with a roster of regular
adorers that will allow the space to be used continually from Sunday evening through Saturday morning.

Click HERE for photos of the construction process for

Mary Queen of Angels Adoration Chapel

All that said, the chapel is not yet complete, and it probably won’t be for quite a while yet. We are awaiting the permanent entry doors, some cabinet work, sanctuary lamp stands, the artwork, and most critically the permanent altar. As we use the new space upon the
opening this coming weekend, we are all invited to pray for its completion.

Even in its incomplete state, the chapel is already a lovely place to pray. I am amazed at the transformation that has taken place in that sector of the main church building in the past nine months. I want to thank the many volunteers who helped so much in the physical labor of this process.

I want to thank the Adoration Chapel committee for their leadership and shepherding of this relocation, especially for the crucial work of getting the adoration time slots

I want to thank Father Howard at Holy Angels for his great support, along with our other area pastors. I want to thank everyone who donated much needed funds toward this project. To date we raised a very impressive $108,000 in donations for the work.

I want to thank all the vendors and contractors, most especially Russ our campus maintenance director who has devoted months of working hours to this project. Thank you!

Some practical things to note as we open: there is a website for the adoration chapel with a lot of helpful and important information at www.wbadoration.org 


The main entry to the chapel is adjoined to the Cabrini narthex doors and is unlocked from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily.

For the remainder of the hours each day a code is needed to access the chapel. All registered adorers have the code, and all others should contact the parish office to ask for it. There are no steps in the entrances, there is a bathroom for use at all hours of the day and night, and there is a landline phone for emergencies.

Land & Legacy No. 3

Adorers may park in the parking spaces nearest to the narthex doors, regardless of a handicap tag status on your vehicle. We will open with only HALF of the eventual seating capacity in the chapel to allow us construction room as we finish up the space over the

adoration chapel

When the chapel is fully finished there will be seating for 24 people. Please be patient with us as we work out the logistical bugs of opening up the space.

Lastly, stay tuned for an upcoming official blessing date of the new space to which all will be invited. Fr. Nathan Reesman 

Between now and then the space for adoration will continue to be at Holy Angels Parish in the main church on Tuesdays from 8 a.m. – 8 p.m.  

Please know everyone is welcome to stop by the chapel to adore our Lord. Sign up is not required.

Come for a short visit or stay for an hour.

He is waiting for you!

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