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Allenton Legion receives word that wreaths for Washington County veterans are on the way | By Ron Naab

Allenton, WI – The Allenton Fohl-Martin American Legion Post 483 received word more than 300 wreaths from Worcester Wreath Company of Columbia Falls, Maine are on the way.  These wreaths are with the 7,400 wreaths designated for Central Wisconsin Veterans Cemetery at King.

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“Worcester wreaths come from a family farm, thousands of acres of rolling balsam forest tucked away in a quiet corner of Maine. Our wreaths are made by hand using lush balsam boughs.”

“We appreciate H.O. Wolding Trucking of Amherst for volunteering to transport our wreaths along with those on the way to Central Wisconsin Veterans Cemetery at King,” said organizer Ron Naab.

Saturday morning, Dec. 14 at 8 a.m. volunteers will be placing the wreaths at eight cemeteries including Sacred Heart (Allenton), St. Mathias (Nabob), SS Peter & Paul (Nenno), St. Anthony, St. Lawrence, St. John (Beaver Dam Rd / WW), Zion (Hwy D), and St. Peter (Beaver Dam Road).

The public is welcome to join the veterans to place the wreaths at our cemeteries.

The wreaths were purchased through many donations from families, businesses and veterans to honor those hometown heroes buried in our cemeteries.  The wreaths were $15 each.

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