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Authorities warn about Internet phishing scam

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The Dodge County Sheriff’s Office was recently contacted by our own Information Technology Department who made us aware of an internet phishing scam that attacks computers and phones via email. This phishing scam looks like it comes from Turbo Tax. The email tries to make you click on a link to “opt out” of sharing your personal information with others.
The email is a scam. If you click on the link it will download key logger malware which will steal your identity from your computer or phone.
Here are a few things to remember in regards to protecting yourself from these phishing scams:
Always have your internet security software updated but do not rely on it.
Always keep all of your software up to date with the latest patches, computer and phone. Not having protection on
your phone can be a potential threat.
Never click on links in emails or text messages unless you are sure it’s legit. For instance, if you want to go to
TurboTax, visit their website directly by typing their address in your browser.
Think Before You Click! Always take a second to ask yourself if this might be a scam.
Forty million people have already fallen to this phishing attack please do not become one of the statistics! If you have any questions or concerns on this information, please never hesitate to either reach out to myself or any of my staff and they will be very happy to help. Let’s stay safe out there and thank you to Dodge County’s IT Department for this valuable information.
Additional information can be obtained by contacting Sheriff Dale J Schmidt.

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