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Badger Burger Co. opening in former Sobelman’s Pub in Richfield

June 10, 2020 – Richfield, WI – A remodel is underway at the former Sobelman’s Pub & Grill in Richfield as the new owner, Mark Weiss, prepares to open his second Badger Burger Co. 

badger Burger Co.

“We’re probably going to call it Badger Burger North,” he said. “Our Mukwonago location is 25 minutes to the south; I think that makes the most sense.”

Weiss has been in the restaurant industry since he was 14 years old. “I was a dish washer and worked at the Mexican restaurants cutting onions, cheese and jalapenos in Racine,” he said. “I learned everything and always loved the restaurant business. Then got out of the business for a while and now I’m back in and wanted to expand.”

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Weiss was aware of the current climate surrounding opening a business, especially a restaurant.

“I’m not one to back down from a challenge but having a restaurant is crazy to begin with,” Weiss said.

One of the big hooks to opening in Richfield was the historic building. “This is fairly well built and very beautiful,” said Weiss. “My wife Ana loved it the moment we saw it.”

Sobelman's in Richfield


Weiss described the building, as “architecturally perfect.”

“We are going to put in outside seating in the front of restaurant, take down some overgrown trees and bushes hiding the natural beauty of the building, and spruce things up a bit,” he said. “We are going to add a small event room upstairs, add family-friendly booth seating, more open spaces on both floors and the floors are beautiful.”

Weiss was especially impressed with the modern and functional elevator.



Weiss said the menu wil be the same as the south location.

With “fresh ground “huge” 1/2 pound charbroiled #burgers and chicken sandwiches, an excellent selection of creative sandwiches, salads and wraps, great appetizers, and of course, crispy ‘thin crust #Pizzas!”

Don’t forget about “fresh battered” #FridayFishFrys! They’ll continue showcasing Wisconsin craft beers. Plus, the mouth-watering selection of “secret blend” #BloodyMarys… featuring four crazy varieties that have fixings such as grilled beef sliders, grilled shrimp, bacon, and much more! You can even take a half-gallon jug of Bloody’s to go and a liter bottle of our “special blend” #OldFashions with your choice of liquor!

There will also be a fully-stocked bar featuring 12 Wisconsin craft beers you can get on the first floor.

Click HERE to view the full menu.

Weiss expects to open July 1.

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