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When it comes to bats, have no fear; they just might become your best allies | By Linda Bowen of Mother Earth News

Washington County, WI – Have you ever wondered, “Why are bats important? Are bats dangerous?” There’s a lot to know about these mysterious creatures of the night, and after this article, you’ll have plenty of answers and a new appreciation for these incredible flying mammals and pollinators extraordinaire.

Image by Linda Bowen. A 10-day-old little brown bat.

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People tend to have strong feelings about bats, whether that’s love or hate. Remember the adage that you’re afraid of what you don’t know? In the case of bats, it seems not many people are aware of how bats behave or, honestly, much else about them. These creatures of the night have always carried an air of mystery about them; why else would they move around in the dark? However, after learning more about bats and their unusual ways, many people welcome being neighbors to these misunderstood creatures.

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Why Are Bats Important?

Getting to know your bat neighbors will hopefully give you an appreciation of these tiny mammals. There are over 1,400 species worldwide. Most bat species in the continental United States eat insects, but a few eat pollen and nectar. A few species of long-nosed bats, for example, are solely responsible for pollinating agaves that are well-known for…

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