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Photo Gallery | Demolishing history in West Bend, WI; iconic brewery soon to be just a memory

West Bend, WI – Local artist Eileen Eckert beautifully captured the history of the West Bend Brewery in one of her many paintings that documents the history of West Bend. Click HERE to read more on the history of the brewing industry in West Bend.

Soon that is all that will be left as the old brewery on N. Main Street is being demolished to make way for apartments.


Below is a photo gallery of the iconic building that had a unique German architectural flair. Feel free to add your photos.

charter steel, sign on bonus


  1. West Bend, the new Menominee Falls. Apartments, Apartments, Apartments, all seem to be filling in any empty spaces by the River. Trails End, Cast Iron, Service Road, Barton School. Five new Qwik Trips, DQ, Baskin-Robbins, Dunkin Donuts, etc. All we’re missing is a Target at the old Shopko site. What I’m saying is that West Bend used to be the best kept secret in Bedroom Communities. Now? Come on all of you Left Leaning folks from Milwaukee, Men. Falls, etc…and please bring all your Left Leaning ideologue’s with you.

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