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Letter to the Editor | Vote Bill Schulz West Bend School Board | By Bill Schulz

March 26, 2024 – West Bend, Wi – What is going on in West Bend? Is it something in the water? Many local “conservative leaders” are supporting and endorsing candidates on the spring ballot that are the farthest thing from conservative. These candidates value DEI (diversity, equity, inclusion) which is harmful and counterproductive in the education setting.

Letter to the Editor Bill

These candidates support age-inappropriate books for our students with incredibly vulgar language, gender dysphoria and gender confusion topics, and graphic scenes of rape and violence (some even against police). These candidates don’t support school safety, one of them even voting against specific school safety measures. These are the candidates supported by “conservative leaders” like Kraig Sadownikow, Joel Ongert, Chad Tamez, the list goes on.

It poses the question: what is a conservative anymore? Kraig and Joel are both members of the Republican Party (or so I believe, Joel Ongert refuses to answer my question if he is a member or not). Many Republican/conservative people I know locally, statewide, and even nationwide agree that books with issues I described above don’t belong in school. If a parent wants their child reading that, they are free to purchase that book for them and they can read it on their own time.

Why would Kraig and Joel endorse candidates who support that? Every republican/conservative I know agree that there are only two genders in which God created in his own image, but if you ask Chad Tamez that question, he will give you a real long word vomit answer stating that isn’t true. It’s frightening knowing he’s a doctor, and cares for children, but he doesn’t believe there are only two genders. Chad ran as a “non partisan conservative” last year, which is ironic because the word “conservative” was a political term in the context. The question “why” doesn’t need to be asked here, we all know what “side of the aisle” thinks there are more than two genders.

The common theme here is that these people are liberals running as conservatives in “the most conservative county in Wisconsin” as a way to gain votes. If these people stated they were a liberal/democrat (like Mary Ann Rzeszutek when she ran against Republican Rick Gundrum for state representative and lost by a HUGE margin), would these people have won? NO!

I’ve been diligently trying to expose this to the community. People are slowly starting to see what’s really going on, however, not at a rate quick enough to be able to save our schools and city. There is an underlying reason for all of this. Money and/or clout.

I’m aware this letter won’t resonate with some members of the community, but it needs to be said. I stopped caring about what others said negatively about me a long time ago. That isn’t to say I won’t listen to what they say and how much they think I’m (insert multiple names), because I will most definitely listen and smile joyfully in my head. Once you resort to name calling, you’ve already lost. People will drag my name through the mud at the same time they sit on the sidelines and wonder why no progress is made. There’s a country song that goes, “a little less talk and a lot more action.” I am a man of action.

I’m hoping people can open their eyes, do their research, and quit voting with your feelings. Vote with the FACTS you have at hand.

I’m incredibly passionate about school safety and keeping our kids safe. Hearing my own son come home to me and say, “dad, I don’t feel safe going to school” is a problem. I will go above and beyond what the five “centrist” majority (as liberal John Torinus states) to accomplish this. I’ve spent many hours of research and discussion with our Superintendent as to how to create safer learning environments. Despite what Chad Tamez says, there MOST DEFINITELY ARE things board members can do to advocate for safer schools.

April 2nd, I ask that you DON’T vote for the status quo candidates. Vote for the ONLY candidate who has the guts to speak about the issues that are affecting students and willing to do something about it. The status quo hasn’t looked good at all for this district.

The last time this district had a true conservative majority, the DPI (department of public instruction) report card for the WBSD had a score of 75.4. Currently, we are at a 68.8. That’s down almost 10% in the last six years, which oddly enough, is how long Chris Zwygart has been seated on the board.

Vote for Bill Schulz and ONLY Bill Schulz for West Bend School Board. Thank you.

Bill Schulz

West Bend, WI 53095


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  1. West Bend is somehow relishing the days of a 75.5 DPI report card and Championing the conservative efforts that got them there? 30 minutes south you have school districts that routinely get scores in the 90’s. I think you should abandon partisan political attachments when it comes to the school board and focus on education when it comes to education. Kinda makes sense, doesn’t it?

  2. What are the reasons that test scores are down & very mediocre here in West Bend? Could it be that the district has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on training teachers in DEI & CRT, hiring consultants to teach the same, instead of concentrating on tried & true teaching techniques like phonics? Why is the district continuing to propose & defend books that are highly inappropriate for certain age levels instead of finding traditional, classic literature that will build character & offer literary value?

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