Certain septic system owners in Washington County will see change in maintenance requirements | By Fay Fitts


September 3, 2019 – Washington Co., WI – Effective September 1, 2019 property owners in Washington County with conventional systems, mound systems, at-grade systems and in-ground pressure systems are required under State Law to maintain their systems every three years.

Previously, Washington County required a two-year maintenance cycle for mound, at-grade and in-ground pressure systems.

“Property owners are still responsible to ensure their systems are operational.  Some may need maintenance sooner,” said Phil Gaudet, Land Resources manager.

Please note, if you have already received notice from the County, prior to September 1, and have not had your system maintained you are still required to complete maintenance this year.

Property owners impacted will receive notice of this change in early September of 2019, by mail.

If a property owner is uncertain about the need to pump on a two-year cycle versus a three-year cycle or is contacted by a hauler, they may call 262.335.4445 for information regarding the County’s records and requirements for pumping.

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  1. Interesting article if I do recall the county was just trying to raise our taxes to “pay for the all the extra work residents with septic systems cost the county”
    Now just weeks later the state says it will be less work for the county !
    I expect the county will be lowering our taxes now that there will be less for them to do.

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