Check out the Internation Space Station tonight, Sunday, May 31 | Courtesy Driftless Stargazing LLC

May 31, 2020 – Washington Co., WI – Look up this evening to see the International Space Station orbiting over the Driftless Area.

Astronauts Bob and Doug successfully docked in Dragon this Sunday morning bringing the crew up to five.

Rising in NW at 9:36 p.m., passing through the Big Dipper high overhead at 9:39 p.m., fading in the SE at 9:42 p.m.

Brighter than anything in the sky except the Waxing Gibbous Moon. Like Driftless Stargazing LLC to hear whenever something amazing is happening in the starry skies.

Times are CDT for Driftless Area of WI/MN/IA/IL.

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