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Sad about losing the butterscotch DQ dilly? Churro up, there’s a new flavor in town | By Kevin Scheunemann

Washington County, WI – Hold everything – a new flavor of Dilly Bar has been added to the lineup at Dairy Queen, 118 Hwy H, Kewaskum, WI. This may soothe the flavor buds of those who are going to miss the retiring butterscotch Dilly Bars.
According to store owner, Kevin Scheunemann, “We have the Churro-flavored Dilly Bar at our Kewaskum DQ location. It is Churro flavored cone dip with brown sugar sprinkled on, “said Scheunemann, “I tried one this morning and it was really good.”


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Churro Dilly Bars are available for a limited time only.

“We need to limit Churro-flavored Dilly Bars to 2 per order for now,” said Scheunemann, “We have a limited amount in stock now.”

If you need a 12-pack or larger quantity, Scheunemann suggests you pre-order by messaging [email protected].

Kewaskum Dairy Queen is scheduling bulk pickup quantities for next week.

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