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City of Hartford issues brush pickup guidelines | By Steve Volkert, City Administrator

May 18, 2022 – Hartford, WI – Every year, the City of Hartford puts out a trifold brochure that includes the schedule and means for brush pickup, which is considered as limbs of trees or bushes.


Brush is only picked up on the first full week of the month and is picked up in the early morning of the same weekday as your scheduled garbage pick-up. Brush must be stacked along your terrace in the direction of the traffic meaning the cut ends should all face with the traffic.

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The time to have your brush out is prior to 7 a.m. on your day of pick-up. If crews drive past your home and your brush is not out at that time, crews will not make a special trip back. You will then need to hold on to your brush for one month until your next scheduled day. Finally, brush pick-up is meant for those that are pruning their own trees or bushes.

Those that are hiring an outside tree cutting service need to have them take away all wood
from their efforts.

Our crews have many expected tasks they regularly do with a skeleton
crew. If they are asked to double back on past efforts due to someone not following the
directions, it takes them away from many other expectations on their day. Please do your
part in helping keep this service viable in our community.

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