City of Hartford weekly update by Steve Volkert


    Hartford weekly updates

    Nov. 14, 2016 – Hartford, WI – Weekly Memorandum of Administrative Activities and Issues
    Administrators Update: The Presidential Election went off on Tuesday with a heavy turnout. As can be expected, it never goes off without some complaints but we feel we continue to make improvements into this once every four-year event. It is unrealistic to believe that with this amount of people gathered at only three locations that everything will go perfectly but we feel our employees did a great job minimizing major issues.

    Approved Sewer Rate Increase not being implemented: A proposed third phase of a sewer rate increase will not be necessary in 2017. In a 2014 action, the Council approved a proposed sewer rate increase which would slowly increase rates over three years by a total 16%. Those increases were scheduled for 5% in 2015, 6% in 2016 and 5% in 2017. However, after review with city auditors, the rate of return for the utility met the desired result thus negating the need for a third increase.
    Western Hills dewatering station on-line next week: The approved upgrades for the Western Hills dewatering station are expected to be on-line next week. As discussed earlier this year, these upgrades are being paid for by the City with complete reimbursement by the developer within three years. The two new pumps are a higher grade than those originally placed in the station and will pump down the area to a specified level. It should be pointed out as it was at the council meeting that this upgrade by no means will alleviate all ground water from this subdivision but instead is meant to reduce the amount of normal ground water. Excessive amount of rain, like that which we have experienced this summer and fall will again cause personal sub pumps to again work overtime.

    Warmer weather allows late season blacktopping: This past week, the Public Works Department has been able to get a lot of last minute blacktopping projects done due to the unseasonably warm weather. This late push has moved them back slightly with leaf pick-up but they will be completing that task within the next few weeks. If residents ask why some leaves aren’t being picked up weekly as in the past, this is the reason.

    South Wilson retention pond complete: Work has been completed on the DNR mandated retention pond along South Wilson. There are a few punch list items that may need to be completed when the banks of this pond start settling and drying out. The very wet fall we are experiencing has made this project more difficult to complete cleanly.


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