City of West Bend sewer increase approved; water increase forwarded to Public Service Commission


September 24, 2019 – West Bend, WI – The West Bend Common Council voted this week on a proposed water and sewer rate increase.


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Photo courtesy Ron Winkler

Presentations were made by West Bend Utility Director Ruth Mueller.

The proposed water rate increase was 9.5 percent, which would equal an estimated $4.96 a quarter per average household or about an extra $20 a year. That increase still needs to be submitted and approved by the Public Service Commission.

Mueller said the City of West Bend has not had an increase in the water rate since 2011.

The proposed sewer rate increase was 2 percent rate of return which equals an average bump of $5.73 per quarter per household or an additional $23 a year.

The sewer rate has not increased in the City of West Bend since 2006.

During the Board of Public Works meeting the proposed rate increase passed 7-1 with Mayor Kraig Sadownikow dissenting.

“In looking at the numbers I felt as though we had enough reserves in the sewer utility to cover not only unforeseen things coming up but also to cover known projects that if we needed eight more dollars from the public for some catastrophic emergency we should ask for those dollars later rather than asking for them now,” said Sadownikow. “I felt it was prudent to allow the people to keep their money as long as possible.”

The proposed rate increase passed by the Common Council; the mayor does not vote as a member of the council unless a tie vote needs to be broken. The new sewer rates could be implemented as soon as January 2020.

Click HERE to read the entire report on the water and sewer utility.


Photo courtesy Ron Winkler

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