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VIDEO | Parents speak out about basketball coach incident at Badger Middle School

December 8, 2023 – West Bend, Wi – A follow-up to a story published earlier this week regarding an incident December 5, 2023, at Badger Middle School involving a parent and coach conflict that occurred after an 8th grade boys’ basketball game.

The initial report from West Bend Police indicated a parent was arrested after allegedly striking the coach in the face following the game. The man, 60, was immediately taken into custody and placed in jail on charges of Battery to School Employee and Disorderly Conduct. Now, the parents involved, Jeni and Dan Hoadley are reaching out to tell their side of the story.

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“I know I acted in anger, and I shouldn’t have, I am taking full responsibility for my actions, but I did not punch the coach,” said Dan Hoadley.

Dan Hoadley said he reacted and pushed the coach after warning him twice to step back and give some personal space to his wife who initially approached the coach.
Jeni Hoadley shared her side of the story.
“This is going to be a bit long but stay with me folks. You may (or may not have) seen the news story about the “father that punched the basketball coach in the face”. That is Jacob’s school, Jacob’s coach and Jacob’s dad. Because the article is so far from the actual truth, I feel like I need to put my side of the story out there.
“Before I start, I have also contacted the news outlets that I saw reported on the story and have heard back from almost all, so far.
“Let me start by calling out the 3 biggest things that are false. 1) This has nothing to do with playing time. 2) I am the one that approached the coach. 3) There were no punches thrown and definitely none thrown to the face.
“Now, Jacob has been having a hard time with this coach since the start. Some how they got off on the wrong foot. And we are sure it has something to do with the fact that Jacob can have a smart mouth. But Jacob would come home constantly complaining about how he was being talked to/treated. We were not willing to 100% believe Jacob’s side.
“We told Jacob to watch his mouth and figure it out. Life isn’t fair and sometimes it sucks – you just have to work through it, this what you signed up for. But we also continued to listen to him and started to pay more attention at the games.
“Coaches yell at kids. Coaches make kids run laps. Coaches give little playing time for multiple reasons. We are good with that. What we are not okay with is coaches telling kids to shut up (Jacob), coaches calling kids dickheads (another kid), and coaches making kids run laps because “it’s you.” (Jacob) Jacob has been screamed at because he didn’t respond (or asked if it was him he was talking to) when called by the wrong name. No, Jacob is not going to respond to Jospeh or J.
“I sat back and watched as kids were getting a high fives when they come off the court. Not Jacob. Just from me watching how he is with Jacob – the only time he acknowledges him during the game was to scream at him or tell him he could go in. For the team as a whole…the coach never cheered for them – never looked happy when there was a good play or scored points. Just stands there looking like being there is a big inconvenience for him.
“Meanwhile, the other team is having fun, coach is correcting, teaching, SMILING and LAUGHING. There is obvious rapport between the coaches and kids. That is all lacking here.
“It is the coaches right to like who he wants. I won’t fault him for not liking Jacob. But as a full-blown adult, coaching 13- and 14-year-old kids – they should not be aware you don’t like them. And it shouldn’t be obvious to the parents.
“I had seen enough for myself to approach the coach and ask what his problem was with Jacob. He stepped into my personal space, put his hand in my face to make the universal talking symbol and told me that Jacob has a mouth on him. That is when Dan pushed him back. With an open hand to the shoulder. Not a punch to the face.
“The rest is probably not as relevant, since the problem is with Dan pushing him (and me confronting him after a game) and everything that followed was directly related to that and how he spoke to me/came to close. Nothing more physical happened (though damage done). Should it have gone down like that. No, it shouldn’t. And it is not without consequence for both of us. I am taking responsibility for my part. Dan is taking responsibility for his part. We are also asking that the coach do the same, and will see that process through, the correct way.
“So that is that. I just wanted to put my side of the story out there in defense to everything going around.”

Jeni said after the incident they were taken out of the building to discuss the issue with West Bend Police and she qualified it as “usually the police are pretty good. But you know, I think we’ve all made mistakes. We had a great experience with them, actually. Okay. I mean, there was no issues with the police while all of this was going on. Which is, like I said, in my response, I was shocked that our part wasn’t in there (the police report) at all.”

WashingtonCountyInsider.com has not been able to get in touch with the coach. West Bend Police Chief Tim Dehring said it was reported to them that “the coach was punched.” Charges are currently being reviewed by the Washington County District Attorney.

“We do maintain a zero-tolerance approach to any violence in our schools,” said Dehring. “We ask the community if they see something to say something.”

West Bend School District Superintendent Jen Wimmer addressed the basketball incident and said both basketball parents are banned from coming to school events while the investigation is underway.  Wimmer did clarify this was a temporary suspension. “We would look to expedite anything because we want parents and families to be part of their child’s educational experience,” Wimmer said.

Questioned if the temporary ban on the parents accessing the school was done before or after speaking with the coach, Wimmer said she would have to check.
Badger Middle School had another incident that occurred Monday, December 4, 2023, where, according to police “two 13-year-old female students were having an argument in the hallway. A 14-year-old male student inserted himself into the argument and struck one of the female students and pushed the other into a locker or a wall. The boy was taken into custody and referred to Washington County Juvenile Intake for charges of battery and disorderly conduct.”
Wimmer confirmed the 14-year-old boy was back at Badger Middle School the next day while the investigation was underway.
Questioned how both formal investigations were underway, but one party could be allowed in school while another can’t, Wimmer said, “Actually, that’s a good point that we are talking with the administrators, the police department, and our system, that there are other spaces for that. So that is a point of feedback for the system that we are taking into consideration for future direction.”
Wimmer confirmed the district did conduct a background check on the basketball coach involved in the December 5 incident.
Wimmer said any discussions with the coach would be “by our HR director regarding the incident so that would be a personnel matter, and that would reside with HR.”
One of the comments from parents is that the coach in question did not regularly attend practice, Wimmer said, “Regarding attendance – there are multiple coaches for the team and one or more are present for practices and games.”


Multiple calls and messages have been placed to Badger Principal Patrick O’Connor. This story will be updated when information becomes available.

This is a working story and more details will be published when information is available.

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Below is the initial story that ran December 6, 2023

December 6, 2023 – West Bend, WI – On 12/05/23 at 6:06 p.m. officers were called to Badger Middle School regarding a physical altercation that occurred between a parent and coach at the conclusion of the 8th grade boys’ basketball game.

West Bend Police basketball


The investigation determined a 60-year-old man approached the 62-year-old male coach at the conclusion of the game to confront the coach regarding the amount of time his son played in the game.


During the interaction, the man punched the coach in the face. The man was immediately taken into custody and placed in jail on charges of Battery to School Employee and Disorderly Conduct.


The West Bend Police Department maintains a ZERO TOLERANCE approach to violence or threats of violence in any school setting. All acts of violence or threats of violence will result in an arrest. If you observe any violence or threats of violence, see something say something and contact a school official or the police department at 262-335-5000.

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