Counterfeit bills passed in Washington County | By Ruth Marks

August 18, 2018 – Slinger, WI – Neighbors and business owners across Washington County may want to pay attention as there are reports about fake $10 bills being passed.
Sherry Schaefer, owner of Schaefer’s BP, 1136 E. Commerce Blvd, in Slinger, wants people to be aware that counterfeit $10 bills were passed this week at her gas station.
The counterfeit was turned in to First National Bank in Slinger.
Schaefer made a copy comparing the counterfeit bill with a real bill and posted a note showing the difference.
Please be aware when you take money from a customer. This fake $10 was accepted here.  Note the difference between a real and fake bill. The fake was noticeably smaller and felt different; look for size and texture.  Look for the security strip in the bill and the watermark inside the white circle.  Color changing ink on the number 10. All of these are built-in security features on U.S. currency. Use a fraud pen to mark the bills if the pen mark is dark brown or black it is a fake bill.
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