Creation vs. Evolution at the House of Prayer in Kewaskum


Kewaskum, WI – Creation vs. Evolution monthly meetings at 6:30 p.m. on the second Monday of the month at the House of Prayer, 100 S. Clinton Street, in Kewaskum.

Kewaskum House of Prayer

At the January 11 meeting the DVD, Genenis Impact  JAN. 11th meeting we will be showing the just released Genesis Impact Do Natural History Museums Display The Truth About Origins?

This is a great evening for believer and nonbeliever alike. Bring your doubts, bring your questions, bring your curiosity, get equipped to respond and learn why evolution has been called “a fairy tale for grownups.”


Come join us at the House of Prayer, 100 Clinton Street, Kewaskum.  Questions, contact Dennis at 920-269-8383 or Joe at 262-388-2285.


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