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A warm shoutout of ‘Thanks’ to dedicated school crossing guards in Washington County

Washington Co., WI – A warm note of “Thanks” to the dedicated school crossing guards in Washington County. This is Wisconsin Adult School Crossing Guard Recognition Week.

Many thanks to those who help get the children to and from school safely every day.

crossing guard dedicated
Cliff Van Beek is in his 10th year as a crossing guard. He’s very recognizable at McLane School. Ask him sometime about Samson the gorilla.
Horicon Bank
crossing guard
Chris Bannenberg has been a crossing guard nearly six years.

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August Eatons
crossing guard
Crossing guard Lisa Flitter loves her part-time job as a crossing guard.
crossing guard
Robert Steilen is a crossing guard at Highway 33 and Silverbrook Drive
Chucky Fellenz
One of West Bend’s most famous crossing guards, Chucky Fellenz!

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