Demolition scheduled in preparation for 5-story apartment complex in Downtown Hartford | By Samantha Sali

Feb. 12, 2019 – Hartford, WI – Demolition of the six buildings on the corner of Hartford’s Main and State Streets is scheduled to start February, 25, 2019.

“Remediation crews will be on hand starting next week to start the abatement process for buildings in the North bookend project on the corner of State and Main,” said Hartford City Administrator Steve Volkert.

The apartment complex, which is being developed by the Brookfield-based Brayton Management Co. Inc, will have the multi-family complex completed by Spring 2020.

The 82-unit complex will have 1-3 bedroom apartments, 117 parking spaces including underground parking, and several amenities including an elevator, conference room, coffee bar, fitness room, and game room.

While the gates remain open for parking now, they will be closed once the demolition begins. “Gates will continue to be closed throughout the demolition and construction season of 2019 and partially into 2020,” said Volkert. “The end result will be a completely remodeled public parking lot offering a similar number of public stalls as was there prior to the construction.”

Volkert said the North Bookend Project will be a great addition to the city.
 “This corner has been on our radar as a catalectic project and part of the downtown redevelopment since 2015 when a plan was rolled out,” he said. “History has shown when you concentrate market-rate apartments in a walkable downtown, it greatly improves viability for the merchants and property owners in that downtown.”

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