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Divisive rhetoric from leaders must cease



Madison, WI – Representative Jesse Kremer (R-Kewaskum) issued the following statements following Rep. Mandela Barnes’ (D-Milwaukee) statement associating Christianity with hate and violence:


“I am fed up with the disgusting and divisive nature of some of the leaders in our state and nation. The politicization begins with our President, but has reared its ugly head here in our own state.


“I am calling out someone who should be a leader, but has instead become a laughing stock. Rep. Mandela Barnes, who is hoping to become a Senator by ousting one of his own for not being radical enough, is blaming Christians for the evil act of war on U.S. soil by an ISIS allegiant this past weekend. This guy, a sitting Wisconsin representative, is an absolute loon of a ‘leader’ doing everything he can to divide and conquer, politicizing a horrific event – the modus operandi of our own President. The Orlando rampage was derived from pure evil and hate – something that Christians and Muslims both denounce.


“Our country has been torn apart by President Obama’s divisive racism, hatred of Christianity and lambasting of the military and law enforcement. This terrible belief system has obviously crept into our own statehouse. The division must come to an end, and it should start with leaders like Rep. Barnes.


“The representative resides in a community that is crumbling around him, but doesn’t even have the courage and fortitude to address the real problems in his own backyard – an explosion of crime, the breakdown of the family and inner city youth who are thirsting for a strong, honest, father-figure leader with integrity. Rep. Barnes could be that strong, black leader – but that would take hard work and perhaps some criticism by his own colleagues.


“I, for one, have had enough.”

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  1. Divide and conquer….hmmmm.. a page from the WI republican playbook. Remember the crappy treatment of public employees when Act 10 was being debated? And how do you destroy the opposing party? Destroy unions who help fund them. That is divide and conquer. I typically vote republican and am disgusted with the slimy tactics of the party. It has been nothing more than a big prostitute for the big corporate campaign donors, trying to destroy the working class. I suggest you and the other republicans get off your butts, start fixing the roads, start paying the state’s debts, and actually work for job creation. We sit near the bottom in job creation, our roads are horrible, and all gov scooter thinks about is how can we reward the big insurance companies who donated to our campaigns(?) His original idea…we’ll give them the IRIS program even though it will cost millions more. Too bad this was exposed for what it was and he didn’t get his way. How about legislation that is actually going to do something. You folks are asleep at your desks.

    • Jerry,
      Are you seriously blaming or equating act 10 and forced union confiscation of wages and thought to the crumbling morality of anti family anti christian rhetoric that has caused the destruction of Milwaukees neighborhoods and schooll system long before act 10 sir? Please use the mind god gave you before you speak

  2. You say above ““I am fed up with the disgusting and divisive nature of some of the leaders in our state and nation.” You are one such leader. You then prove your point by making disgusting and divisive statements about our president. Why would anyone pay any attention to someone who is so hypocritical?

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