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Sheriff’s Office investigation into finances of the City of Mayville | By Sheriff Dale J. Schmidt

March 29, 2024 – Mayville, WI – In February 2023, the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office received a request from the Mayville Police Department for an independent review of alleged criminal misconduct by former elected officials and employees at Mayville City Hall.


It was alleged to the sheriff’s office that prior to 2022 there were significant financial discrepancies, numerous records missing and/or deleted, real estate sales that appeared to be in question, potential open meeting violations, and significant city dollars that were not able to be located equaling nearly $700,000. The concerns brought to the sheriff’s office, via the Mayville Police Department, were raised by the current staff of the city of Mayville.

Detectives of the sheriff’s office were assigned to begin a thorough investigation into this highly complex matter. After over a year of complex investigation into the matter, the investigation shows that while there was likely significant mismanagement, no provable evidence of criminal misconduct exists to the level of criminal charges being requested. Additionally, while it was discovered that no evidence exists to prove mishandling of funds, apparent inadequate recordkeeping made it impossible to complete a thorough analysis of city finances.
This investigation was supplemented by an investigative report by the financial firm Sikich LLP into the sale of city property and the financial practices of the Mayville Community Development Authority.
Sikich LLP was employed by the city of Mayville and filed a detailed report in which it indicates in part:
“Based on our observations throughout our engagement with the City of Mayville, it is apparent that recent staff trying to get a handle on prior financial transactions were stymied by poor record keeping. It is recommended that Mayville comply with best practices for financial record keeping and secure comprehensive financial records that provide a clear audit trail of financial transactions.”
The full report provided to the city by Sikich LLP can be found on the City of Mayville website at the following website:
Sheriff Dale Schmidt has been approached many times in the community regarding the City of Mayville inquiring into the status of investigations in the city, but to this point has not been able to comment on the active investigation.
It is our goal to be open and transparent as we are able, however, it is imperative that we are thorough in the investigation before releasing findings to the public. We appreciate the public’s patience as we completed this investigation.
With our detectives’ review of the criminal element of these allegations being completed and their report forwarded to the Sheriff late this afternoon, this case is now closed. The process of correcting the apparent significant deficiencies identified during the investigation and the Sikich LLP report will be left to city officials.
In a separate matter, the sheriff’s office has received a complaint regarding current proceedings within the city alleging additional open meeting violations and procedural issues in city management. That complaint remains under investigation currently and we are not able to comment on that matter until that investigation has been completed.
Questions may be directed to Sheriff Dale J. Schmidt.
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