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Allenton American Legion Auxiliary Post No. 483 celebrates National Flag Day

June 14, 2021 – Allenton, WI – The American Legion Auxiliary unit of the Fohl-Martin No. 483 in Allenton celebrated National Flag Day by honoring six businesses of Allenton which display the United States flag every day of the year.  

Post 483 National Flag Day

A framed certificate of appreciation was awarded to Maysteel in Allenton. The business was recognized for its civic responsibility in flying the flag proudly each and every day. 
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Certificates were also awarded to Allenton Laundromat, Good Times Bar, Maysteel, National Exchange Bank and Trust, Sai Mart, and Sedgwicks.

charter steel, sign on bonus

Allenton residents who are displaying a flag daily were surprised to find a tag on their home’s doorknob.  This doorknob hanger contained a message expressing appreciation to the residents for their patriotism in displaying the “stars and stripes” daily.

  flag at Maysteel

In 1985 a similar presentation of certificates was done to two businesses, Kasten Mfg. and Maysteel.  “It is wonderful this year we are awarding 6 certificates to businesses in Allenton,” said the Legion’s Donna Kauper. “Kasten Mfg. is no longer in business and Maysteel continues to show its patriotism in flying the stars and stripes daily.”


  1. Judy, thank you for reporting on the Allenton American Legion Auxiliary’s honoring businesses and residents for their patriotism in flying the United States flag daily. We appreciate your support of our organization and community.

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