VIDEO | Flagpole parade in Barton as effort underway to name Edward F. Groth Memorial Park


March 26, 2019 – Barton, WI – There’s a bit going on behind the scenes in Barton.

Early Monday morning, with temperatures a crisp 34 degrees, a small crew including Jeff Slais from , Dan Vrana from Vrana Body Shop and Michael Kohnke from Commonwealth Construction Corp. worked to save history.

Slais led the effort to recycle the flagpole that formerly sat in the yard at Barton Elementary School.  “We’re planning on adding it to Overlook Park on N. Main Street,” he said.

Flag pole at Barton School


With the help of Kohnke who manned a forklift the flagpole was set on a trailer followed by the red rocket jungle gym.




Slais said the flagpole is being moved to the park overlooking Barton Pond. “We’re going to leave all the battle scars on it and put it back up,” said Slais.  The flagpole dates to around 1960. Salvaging the pole saved the Barton Association about $4,200.

Dan Vrana and Jeff Slais loading the flagpole and rocket

On Thursday, representatives from Barton Business Association go before the West Bend Park & Rec Commission to request permission that the bluff at 1305 N. Main Street be named Edward F. Groth Memorial Park.



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