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February 11, 2020 – Town of Barton, WI – Today I have a brief story about a parent’s observations. A thankful parent.

Monday afternoon my 14-year-old daughter was getting dropped off at our home by the school bus as she does every day. The bus driver, who I will simply refer to as Bob, noticed a car that pulled into a driveway ahead of him. This rural driveway is about 150 feet adjacent to my driveway on the opposite side of the road. The operator of that vehicle turned around and stopped ahead of the bus. When my child exited the bus, she began walking up my long driveway as the bus pulled away just like the day before.


Sheriff Schulteis

Rather than simply continuing on his way, Bob continued to monitor the situation. The unknown car pulled out of the nearby driveway and pulled into my driveway directly behind my daughter. After witnessing this, Bob immediately stopped in the roadway to make certain the unknown driver did not have any ill intentions. My child then entered the car which drove her up the remainder of my long driveway and was dropped off.

What Bob did not know is that unknown operator was actually the grandfather of my daughter. He was simply picking up my daughter to give her a ride up the long and icy driveway. Bob did not recognize the car.

This morning I personally thanked Bob for his alertness and attentiveness when my daughter got on the bus. Bob stated all of the drivers are trained to be alert and pointed out the safety seal affixed to the interior front of the bus. Bob made the comment, “There was no way that car was leaving your driveway with your daughter in it.” Words simply cannot express my sincere gratitude.

I would like everyone to remember this story when you see a school bus. These drivers take on a tremendous duty to keep our children safe, and oftentimes this responsibility goes unnoticed or under appreciated. These drivers are guardians of the most precious cargo any parent can imagine.

Sheriff Martin Schulteis

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