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Garbage pickup changes Nov. 1, 2021 in Hartford, WI | By Steve Volkert

September 8, 2021 – Hartford, WI – One of the major problems that we, and many communities, are having deals with garbage and recycling pickup. The City of Hartford is doing everything it can and spending an exhaustive amount of time attempting to make our existing haulers live up to their contract but we can’t control everything that is going wrong.


We are going to a new service and this will start on November 1 (two months early). New garbage and recycling cans are being delivered the week prior to this switch.

Laufer Trucking

While we stumble through this, we ask for everyone’s patience. Any garbage or recycling not picked up at its normal time and day should be left out for 24 additional hours in hopes Waste Management will be back to finish the route.

This week alone, recycling is one day later due to the holiday, (which is normal) but also an additional day late due to mechanical breakdowns.

Charter hiring

The City of Hartford has spent an enormous number of hours trying to help Waste Management struggle to complete this contract and we look forward to working with GFL starting November 1.



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