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Oct. 27, 2018 – Kewaskum, WI – Halloween has always been a “season” to me, and I’ve always gotten into dressing up and decorating, trick or treating with the kids….. when I moved to Kewaskum the summer of 2014, I was excited to carry on that tradition in our new home.

But as the first three years went by and I noticed we didn’t have any activity on our street on my favorite night of the year, I decided I needed to boost my decorations to get some more trick or treaters.

I’ve always been a huge fan of horror movies and paranormal movies, so I started building theme- type displays. Last year we did American Horror Story Freak Show and had about 300 trick or treaters, when in previous years we were lucky if we got 30! We even had people taking selfies with our characters!



This year our theme is “Horror on North Avenue”, made up of characters from popular horror movies; from Annabelle and the Nun, to Carrie, Pennywise and The Babadook.

I usually start about 2 months before Halloween, and we hand make as much as we can. Having an art degree I haven’t used in 25 years has come in handy to create some of the character’s faces out of clay and paint. We shop at Goodwill and St. Vincent De Paul to get the clothes and accessories for the characters. I had to buy a shed to store all of the props and mannequins; I call it the Mannequin Motel.

Trick or treat in Kewaskum is Saturday, Oct. 27 from 5 p.m. – 7 p.m. Our display can be seen on North Avenue.

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