Hartford Police offer cash reward regarding vehicle windows shot out by BB/pellet gun


Unfortunately, the damage to the windows of parked cars with a BB/pellet gun continues. We want to share two things at this time:

1.) If you have any information regarding the person or persons responsible for these incidents please contact the Washington County Law Enforcement Tip Line at 1-800-232-0594, or contact us directly at (262)673-2600.

2.) We will be recommending a cash reward to citizens who provide information that leads to the arrest and conviction for these incidents. At the same time, all informants remain anonymous even when being paid.

The Hartford Police Department continues to take complaints of vandalism to vehicle and house windows.

UPDATE: Neighbors who have chimed in on social media say their property has been damaged on Cedar Street, Summit, south of Hwy 60, north of Monroe Avenue and west of Main Street.

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