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Hartford prepares to tag sidewalks in the city for replacement or repair | By Samantha Sali

Oct. 4, 2017 – Hartford, WI – Hartford is getting a head start on its annual Sidewalk Program, as the Engineering Department will be inspecting specific sidewalks for repair or replacement in 2018.

If you live near the streets of McKinley, Loos, East Ave., Pleasant, and Church Street, you might see an orange marking on your sidewalk. Orange markings indicate the sidewalk needs to be repaired or replaced.

In addition to the routine maintenance, there is a possibility city engineers could be looking at older subdivisions where there are no sidewalks.

Property owners affected by this will be getting a letter explaining everything.  “The letter comes from the Engineering Department,” said Hartford’s city administrator Steve Volkert. “The letter reads homeowners may either fix the sidewalk themselves or we will fix it and charge them.”

Sidewalk installation or replacement costs about $150 per slab. The total cost is dependent on how many slabs of sidewalk are repaired or replaced. If you are unable to afford this cost, Hartford has a 5-year payment plan homeowners can take advantage of if your bill exceeds $1,000.

Although there are some cities in Wisconsin that pay for sidewalk repairs and installations, Hartford does not.

Technically considered public property, homeowners are responsible for maintaining sidewalks on their property, along with any installations or repairs. The party responsible for the cost is determined by the Hartford Common Council and Chapters 62 and 66 of the Wisconsin Statutes (Section 7.02 & 7.04).

If you have questions or are directly affected by the annual Sidewalk Program for 2018, you may read through the Program’s FAQ sheet HERE  or call the Hartford Engineering Department at 262-673-8261.



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