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Hartford Union High School Robotics Team 1091 qualifies for Championship | By Rena Diem

April 2, 2019 – Hartford, WI – The Hartford Union High School Robotics Team 1091, Oriole Assault, is honored to have been chosen for the Alliance which won the Wisconsin FRC Regional at Milwaukee during Week 5 of Competition.

Hartford Union H.S. Robotics

Without our partners on the Alliance, we could not have won Regional. Thank you Paradigm Shift (Team 1259) and Ferradermis (Team 6574) for the wonderful partnership.








We could not have made it to Regionals without our sponsors, parents and mentors, nor without the students’ hard work. Furthermore, we could not qualify for Championships without the Alliance team members. FIRST Robotics is about STEM, of course.

It is about so much more also. Leadership, growing together and individually to excel in STEM fields and in life, community service, helping those younger grow in STEM and life…”Gracious Professionalism” and “Cooperation” – ask a FRC Robotics member – they’ll be happy to explain how we can compete yet work together to grow STEM and our communities.







Team 1091 Oriole Assault is the community’s robotics team. We hope to be able to represent our hometown area at Championships on April 24. Our hometown area schools (public, private, elementary, middle and K-8) that bring a diverse population to our Hartford Union High School, bring the enthusiasm, desire to work in a STEM/ Business/ Arts field (ask a FRC member, we’ll be happy to explain how all of these are part of Robotics), and a desire to grow as a leader and a community minded member of society, that are what FIRST Robotics is all about.

Team 1091 parents and students and mentors, are working to resolve logistics (schedules and other responsibilities like AP classes, homework and jobs.

The Business Team is coordinating funding efforts, the technical team is working out electronics and other programming issues, and the mechanical engineering side is working on adjusting our side panels to better protect our sensitive inner workings.

Thank you to all who currently and may in the future, support your HUHS FRC Robotics Team 1091, Oriole Assault. For those who don’t understand how Robotics is anything except a team of geeks and nerds with computers and programs….. Invite us to come speak for you. We’re happy to explain and we invite you to join us on our innovation adventures.

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