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Highlight of a current events ‘discussion’ regarding Bill and The Donald and infidelity

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Overheard the Thursday night current events discussion while sitting at Cedar Ridge. This is a regular weekly evening get together. I’m normally surprised at how sharp everyone is and sometimes the fiery exchanges…. but, usually very topical AND a TON of historic insight.

One question this week,  “Some people claim Bill Clinton’s campaigning for Hillary is no help because of his infidelities. Do people know that Donald Trump is also a philanderer? He is at the top of the Republican candidates. Why would Bill Clinton’s philandering count against Hilary on moral grounds, but Trump’s philandering doesn’t seem to faze his supporters?”

One of the older ladies in attendance says something to the effect, “Bill had sex in the White House and that’s why it’s such a negative.”

Some other lady cracks back, “Well Donald won’t have to worry about that… with all the hotels he owns.”

– – Good grief! These oldies are quick…..

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