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Holy Angels December Students of the Month | By Mike Sternig

Jan. 7, 2019 – West Bend, WI –  Holy Angels Students of the Month for December include Rachel Nagel, Kate Wiedmeyer, and Tadd Jamieson.

Holy Angels students of the month for December 2018

6th Grade: Rachel Nagel is a kind person who values honesty and hard work. Her teachers appreciate her attention to detail and effort in her classes. She is well-rounded, doing well in all her classes.  She is creative, good at volleyball, and loves to read. It is no surprise that she hopes to grow up to be an art teacher. She particularly likes using her time to do crafts, eagerly joining the knitting club at school. She also helps out at school by serving at Mass.


7th Grade:  Kate Wiedmeyer is well-liked by both adults and peers. She has an easy-going personality, good sense of humor and is kind to others. Kate works hard at school, strives to do well, and is valued for her strong participation in class discussions. Kate is good at sports, playing volleyball, basketball, and softball. She is a server at Mass and helps out as a bus patrol. When she is not in school, she spends a lot of time outside, playing sports, swimming and communing with nature.


8th Grade:  Tadd Jamieson is an extremely intelligent person with a wry sense of humor. He cares about learning and likes to challenge himself. Teachers appreciate his respectful attitude. He quietly gets along with everyone, and can be counted on to work with a variety of partners on school projects. Tadd enjoys roller coasters and skiing, and exploring new places with his family, showing that this usually quiet student has a wild side.

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