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Honeybee story from Town of West Bend making national news

September 8, 2020 – Town of West Bend, WI –  Looks like the honeybee story broadcast on WashingtonCountyInsider.com is getting some legs.

After a whirlwind weekend where Lori Lynn Radloff and her husband Geoff initially called about the bees.

To the Sunday harvest of the bees by Beans Bee & Honey Farm … and then Monday the phone started ringing.

First Channel 12 called to ask about the story, then Fox 6.

By evening there was an email sent from Fox News in New York.

The regional assignement editor Cheryl Robinson reached out to see who shot the video, who owned the video and could they have permission to use the video.

Stay tuned!

Side note: Odd as it may seem, I don’t have a TV so if anyone sees the broadcast nationally can you let me know?  Thanks.

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Dear Judy,

I am addicted to your website. With all the worlds crisis’s right now I am comforted to read about what is relevant to me in my community. I see people trying to help one another and businesses supporting the community with creative ways to still connect. I appreciate the unbiased nonpolitical approach to reporting. Just the facts, relevant to each situation. The connections with history and personal approach to small town issues reminds me of home. I will look to you for inspiration in the stories of businesses and events as well as the heartfelt tributes to love ones lost and stories of their very personal and individual histories.

In speaking with you and even before meeting you, it was very apparent that you take personal interest in each person you encounter. Ive been inspired by your desire to keep achieving, keep giving back and connecting people who can help each other. Through your stories, news, website, and all the other ways that are available to us now days, you have combined them all to create a very effective platform for the benefit of all.

Job well done! Keep up the fantastic work. We are counting on you.

Best Regards,

Kristine Borneman



  1. Hi Judy, I saw your video about the bees and it just so happened that we came into a bunch of bees on our property not nearly as big as the one on the video but still savable for a beekeeper, so I contacted Chris and he and his daughter came over on Monday and removed most of them, he is coming over today to see if the are more hanging around, makes me feel good that there going to a good home to make honey 🍯 by the way I live in west bend also , positively Donna Norgel

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