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HUHS students receive awards from Young People’s Art Competition State Fair | By Teri Kermendy

May 7, 2019 – Hartford, WI – Hartford Union High School (HUHS) is pleased to announce the students who have won recognition for their art work from the Young People’s Art Competition State Fair. 

HUHS students receive awards from Young People's Art Competition State Fair | By Teri Kermendy

Vera Miller took a 1st Place Senior Award for drawing. Kaela Greenfield took a 2nd Place Senior Award for painting. Hugo Pink won the Fair Inspired Art, Sowing Creativity Award for her interactive art, and Rylie Sweet won the Color Wheel Inspired Award for her painting. Their work will be displayed this summer at State Fair.

“My drawing is a recreation of a photo I took while at an apple orchard. I chose to recreate the image because the colors are very vibrant. Since the assignment was to use color pencil I thought all the colors would be a good challenge. Although there is more to the image than just that. I am wearing my grandpas flannel jacket. Unfortunately he died in 1998 and I was never able to meet him. All I have is the memories others have of him and these jackets he used to wear all the time. I do not plan to take classes in college involving art but I still plan to do art outside of college in my free time. Art is more something I like to turn to when I’m feeling creative or even overwhelmed. Since graduating early from high school, I have done many drawings and paintings simply out of my own enjoyment.” -Rylie Sweet

“My artwork was inspired by a memory of a claw machine at a restaurant I went to a lot when I was younger. I figured it would fit well in my portfolio. I was accepted to MIAD, but plan on going to the Peck School of the Arts after finishing my Gen Eds at Washington County.” -Hugo Pink

“I am Icelandic and during a trip to Iceland to visit my family we decided to go to Jökulsárlón, a glacier fed lagoon. During a boat tour, the guide lifted up a piece of ice form the water to show how clean and clear it was. In doing so the bright neon colors of her suit shown through and I snapped a picture to recreate in a different medium. My piece ‘Vatnajökull Melting’ is supposed to bring awareness to global warming and the rapid climate change that is effecting not only Iceland but the world. I do not plan to go to school for art but will continue for fun.” -Vera Miller

“My piece is the one titled ‘Look at All Those Chickens.’ For my reference I took a ton of pictures of all the hens and roosters at Monches Farm, which is a small farm and garden center not too far from my house in Colgate. I really liked the composition of one particular reference photo so I ended up using it to base my painting off of. I also really enjoyed observing the close up details of the chickens’ feathers, and I decided to use watercolor to achieve that same base texture as I have found it is a good medium to get feather-like strokes with. In addition, the black lines over top of the watercolor were meant to portray an idea of how all the visuals people see every day might morph into something more creative and abstract for those who make use of their imagination. After high school I plan to earn a bachelor’s degree in Illustration at the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire, and eventually I would love to have my art on display in a museum and be able to sell my art from my own studio or website.”  –Kaela Greenfield



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