Intense fire training held in Slinger. By Ron Naab


April 5, 2017 – Slinger, WI – Firefighters from 18 departments recently took part in a Basic Rapid Intervention Team Training in Slinger. For the past 16 years firefighters with Washington County Fire Training and Badger Firefighters Association participated in an intense day of training to “save their own.”

The Rapid Intervention Team concept came about after the Worcester, Massachusetts Fire Department lost six firefighters in an abandoned 6-story warehouse fire, Dec. 2, 1999.  Firefighters died trying to save fellow firefighters.

As a result of this tragedy the Worcester Fire Department and the fire service as a whole determined that a set of skills would be developed for firefighters to use if the unfortunate situation occurred where firefighter[s] became trapped during an incident.  A Rapid Intervention Team is “dedicated solely to the search and rescue of other firefighters in distress.”

Following a Friday evening class discussion focusing on the concept of Rapid Intervention Teams {R.I.T.} the 38 participants met Saturday morning at a house the School District of Slinger has allowed for training since 2001.


Teams made up of 7 or 8 firefighters practiced skills to enhance their performance as a firefighter.  In addition these skill sets develop self-confidence in themselves.


This is a ladder bail drill, quick exit from an upper level floor.  Note that any time a firefighter is in an area that is not floor/ground level and doing a procedure they are secured to a backup system to prevent falling.


This picture shows a firefighter with a length of rope, which they carry with them,  is able to anchor to a bed, etc. and bail out the window so as to not get trapped by the fire.

Firefighters, have an obscured vision and wearing complete Personal Protective Equipment [PPE] learn how to remove their Self Contained Breathing Apparatus and re-don and move on.




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